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Medical Tourism

People from all over the world are looking at India as a viable Medical Tourism destination. In the recent past, India has seen large scale expansion of International Standard health care delivery facilities. India’s healthcare sector has made significant improvement in recent years and is surging ahead with new health facilities, state-of -the- art technology and the large pool of specialists. This coupled with excellent infrastructure and professional management, nurses and paramedical staff, has helped India in providing a range of services and treatments at a fraction of prevailing costs in international markets with comparable success rates.

Benefits of treatment

Cost effective

Our hospital offers significantly lower treatment costs compared to overseas options, ensuring affordable healthcare without compromising quality.

Highly trained doctors

Our hospital boasts highly qualified and experienced doctors proficient in a wide range of treatments, ensuring comprehensive and effective medical care for all patients.

Less time

In our hospital, treatment starts upon admission, with no waiting. Patients receive continuous care until discharge, prioritizing their well-being.

Medical Tourism in Andhra

We can provide you comprehensive information about Andhra and arrange for Religious/ Sight Seeing tours in and around Andhra with the help of selected expert tour operator.


At RK Hospital, our doctors and staff are fluent in English, ensuring clear communication and understanding for all patients.

Cost of treatment 

Treatment costs at our hospital vary based on individual needs but are significantly lower than private care in Western countries, ensuring high-quality treatment at affordable rates.


Depending on your treatment you will be advised on the aftercare program by the respective doctor and hospital. You can also remain in touch with your doctor by phone or with Email.

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